Friday Favorites {6.14.13}

I must have hummus on the brain and be sending out brain signals over the internet because I am finding hummus recipes everywhere, without even trying. Like this hummus with mung beans. And this everything white bean hummus. And this avocado hummus. Oh, and this fresh green pea hummus. I really can’t decide which I’m drooling over more so that I can prioritize making them.

This lovely poem on New Orleans past and present, as seen through two generations, by Lana Maht Wiggins is just… I need to buy her books. Both of them. Right now.

Grapefruit, Papaya, and Habanero Skirt Steak is making me want to replace my cast iron barrel grill, and increase my spicy food tolerance again. Also: a semi-nostalgic back story to go along with the recipe. I’m always fascinated to hear how people came into their cooking and developed their niches. (*hint hint* if you would like to leave your story in a comment!)

This goat cheese nasturtium ice cream is screaming at me to go to the farmer’s market for ingredients. (Yes, I want to make goat cheese ice cream *again*.) And how freakin’ cute are those chevron wooden ice cream spoons in the photo?! Thanks to this one recipe I now have Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher, Sucre Shop, and nasturtiums as my new favorite things to spend money on.

I am not a huge fan of lemon-flavored things but I adooooore lemonade. Especially when it’s grown-up lemonade or has fizzies in it. This vodka lavender thyme lemonade has both! And did you catch that it’s infused with herbs?! If you were wondering how to make lemonade even more refreshing for summer, consider yourself educated.

I really enjoyed this article on why you should be on the lookout for more colorful produce at your local farmer’s market. I mean, I loved color in my life before, but this is like getting a free pass to eat sprinkles – healthy sprinkles, because they’re vegetables. I can see this already influencing future sweets posts!

This mango-ade is making my mouth *severely* water, despite drinking constantly as I type about it. And those photos? Gorgeous! I so want to sit with Pallavi and have lemonade with her in her undoubtedly lovely house.

Beachy dream pop makes this suck summer weather not so unbearable… somehow.

How are you finding these Friday link posts so far? Am I overloading them? Would you like to see a larger number of things featured? Is there an area you’d like to see me branch out toward? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)

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2 responses to “Friday Favorites {6.14.13}

  1. Whaaaat, that vodka lavender thyme lemonade sounds awesome!

    I love your Friday links — no need to shorten the list or anything! I know I don’t have a lot of commentary about them, but I hope that doesn’t discourage you from continuing with them!

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