Independence Day Recipe Inspiration

In lieu of a recipe post for you today, I’m providing a round-up style post of all the interesting foods I’ve found around the internet, that I think would be amazing for a Fourth of July celebration. After all I’m busy busy this week stocking up the restaurant, and making some goodies on my own time to pack off to my family the next state over Thursday! At least one of these goodies will surely make it to you in post form on Wednesday (or Thursday, schedule dependent), but for now we’ll have to settle for mouthwatering awesomeness from around the web.


Martha Stewart’s Slab Pie somehow looks way more simple and comforting than a regular ole round pie. And the recipe says you can feed way more people with it too! Coming from a big family, this would be a huge plus for me at a family gathering.

These cherry hand pies are something I’ve always wanted to make, but never seem to get around to. They’re just so cute! Individual pies! You could even eat two or three and not feel guilty… maybe. That post is so gorgeous too, love the photography and the watercolor-like background.

Freezed Frozen

Nothing reminds me of Fourth of July celebrations in my wee years like melty, decadent fudgesicles. Combatting the heat and finally getting me to sit still long enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, those things were pure magic. This Two-Tone Fudgesicle? Still pure magic, but with a flavor profile that’s all grown up.

All-natural all-American rocket pops sound DELICIOUS! I was never much a fan of rocket pops when I was little but I really did enjoy the shape and colors. They’re so festive, even if they taste like food coloring. These are just going to taste like fantastic berries and fresh limes. YUM.


Fried green tomatoes are so *a thing* where I’m from. But I think grilled green tomatoes would be *a thing* even moreso, especially around the Fourth! I mean nobody wants to bust out the hot and messy fryers in that heat, and the grill has already been designated to be on all day. So why not?


You can pickle just about anything, and then you can put those pickles ON just about anything. I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t like pickles on my burgers (obv a staple for the Fourth) but want them on the side, piled extra high, so I can control how much pickle is going on in my bites. Or how much isn’t. This very large bowl of pickles… well… I guess if you’re making it you better quadruple the batch, cause if you have a family member like me around those are all gonna be gone in about two minutes.

Drinked (Drank? Drunk.)

Spicy Tabasco Lemonade. I mean, I really don’t think I even have to say more than that about this recipe. Buuuut I will. You know spicy food helps cool you down during the brutal summer days, right? And of course lemonade does. And of course I like weird unusual things IN my lemonade. So this is nothing but win. If you don’t like your lemons spicy, you could always muddle them with sweet strawberries.

Watermelons are out in force this time of year, and slightly less messy way to enjoy all that melony sweet goodness would be in juice form. Want something even more refreshing? Try mixing it into lemonade, or something citrusy and fizzy like Sprite or Squirt.

Omgosh how can you have ANY day outside without sun tea?!

What will you be making/eating for the Fourth?

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10 responses to “Independence Day Recipe Inspiration

  1. Oh man, those popsicles look so good! I was never big on the bomb pops either, but the fudgesicles? Oh man. Especially the two-tone ones… that banana flavor in the middle was always my favorite (which is weird because I hate bananas)!

    • That’s so funny! Cause I remember all our twitter convos with Lin and Miaka and Iris where we would talk about bananas and you’re like over there gagging. Do you like the banana flavored Laffy Taffy too? Cause I imagine it tastes just the same, that weird fake banana flavor.

      • Hahaha! Uhmmm no, I *hate* banana flavored Laffy Taffy. But I *do* love the banana-flavored giant SweeTarts! It seems like there might be one other banana-flavored something that I like, but I can’t remember what it is.

  2. Oh and speaking of watermelon juice… no matter how many times I try it, it’s just not as satisfying as eating watermelon — at least for me. I found a bottle of watermelon cream soda the other day and was like OMG!!! But, it turned out to be pretty boring and kinda bitter. So disappointing. :(

    • You’re totally right, it’s not as satisfying as eating a watermelon, especially when it’s been brought out straight from the fridge and it’s all cold and drippy. Mmmm. The only thing I’ve found to do with watermelon so far that I like as much as eating it by itself is making it into a sorbet. One of the sous chefs got me the first yellow watermelon he had seen of the season so I pureed and strained it and added in some honey and lime zest/juice, and glucose syrup for consistency, and it’s sooooo yum after it freezes and gets spun. It tastes almost like just scooping fresh watermelon right out of the freezer, if it had honey drizzled on it with fresh lime (assuming the honey wouldn’t get all icky goo thick right away).

      • Now watermelon sorbet sounds amazing! There’s a Mexican restaurant right near my house that keeps advertising their watermelon margarita, but I have yet to try it. I think it would only be delicious if it’s the frozen kind, but I’m worried it’ll just be the on-the-rocks kind.

        • Omg you should totally try it, and then tell me how good it is so I can live vicariously through you.

          I prefer on the rocks myself, with extra salt. I wonder if the watermelon flavor might get muted too much if it’s the frozen kind.

          • Hmm, yeah, good point. We’ll see though. I mean, I can drink them on the rocks, but I really love the frozen kind. Frozen anything, really. Every time I’m in New Orleans and drive past a daiquiri place my mouth starts watering, lol.

            Okay, I’ll see if I can convince Chris to to there with me, maybe tomorrow, so I can try the watermelon margarita!

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